Christine DavisHaving gone from the work environment of the  freelance writer, to the corporate media world, and back again, my work has taken me all over the place, literally and figuratively.

I’ve done the nine-to five moving-up-the-ranks in the marketing department of the local newspaper, 80-hours-a-week as a reporter at a small start-up (now defunct) community newspaper, and I’ve even sent in my regular columns and articles remotely while out at sea researching and writing a travel story about an archaeological dive (while serving as cook, I might add. How many eggs do you need to stock for a crew of eight out for two weeks? 143).

As an ex-staff-editor, I understand what editors need: writing that’s engaging, well researched, timely and accurate. And as a freelancer, I also understand what a business owner needs: advertorial copy that’s on target, fits the bill, AND  meets an editor’s expectations.

I am perceptive and resourceful, an enterprising writer with strong investigative instincts able to conceive, seek out, develop and produce focused, in-depth, creative content and articles on a wide array of subjects.

I believe in giving 110 percent, digging deeper, and looking outside the box. I make it my priority to discover novel directions and identify innovative viewpoints to keep readers engaged.

I’ve worked as a writer in South Florida for 25 years, and my editors know that I can be counted on to complete their projects on time, creatively and correctly. Since heading west two years ago, I’ve continued to work remotely for many of my long-time South Florida connections, while forging connections here.

My taste for new places makes me dream of pushing the boundaries even further. I am not one to take the easy road, and, as such, my clients can count on me to go the distance.

Please email me today to talk about your writing needs.


I  have columns in the Palm Beach Daily News and The Coastal Star, and I am the West Coast art reviewer for Art of the Times. I write regularly Florida Design, Miami Home & Decor, and Palm Beach. I have also written for AAA Travel,  Sun-Sentinel, the Miami Herald’s Jewish Star Times, Palm Beach Life,  Muses & Visionaries, and The Real Deal.

On staff, I was the editor of Residences, a Sunday weekly real estate section at The Palm Beach Post and a reporter for Palm2Jupiter, covering real estate, architecture, interior design, business, health and science.

I have also helped business clients with projects that include content management, SEO, and design, as well as public relations/marketing material, ghost-writing and photography.